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A-dec dental operatory with close up of water bottle

A-dec Dental Equipment: Designed with Asepsis in Mind

When it comes to protecting your water supply, there’s no room for compromise. A-dec dental equipment is engineered with a focus on asepsis. Keeping waterlines pristine is the first priority.

A-dec water bottle design reduces risk of cross contamination

A better water bottle design

A-dec’s water bottle is designed to reduce the chance of cross-contamination. The pickup tube remains inside the bottle, significantly reducing exposure to ambient contaminants. A sure-fit connection makes it easy to refill. And the heavy-duty construction keeps its shape, even with fluctuations in pressure.

Clean water in, contaminants out

The A-dec delivery system control block has an innovative design that eliminates trapped, stagnant water. Fresh water circulates every time you activate a handpiece.

A-dec dental delivery system control block
Two boxes of A-dec ICX waterline maintenance tablets

Simple, effective waterline maintenance

Nothing is as easy and effective as A-dec ICX for maintaining your dental unit waterlines. Just add a tablet to the empty water bottle before refilling. There's no mixing, measuring, or mess. Long-lasting A-dec ICX prevents the accumulation of odor and foul-tasting bacteria.* Residual effect of the tablets protects waterlines during periods of non-use (lasting up to two weeks.)

*As with all waterline protocols, quality results require adherence to the manufacturer's recommended process, including a periodic water quality monitoring program.

Waterline tubing protection

A-dec waterline tubing comes with an extra benefit: the antimicrobial agent, AlphaSan. A-dec adds AlphaSan during the manufacturing process. The silver ions in AlphaSan protect the tubing against bacteria and other microbes that cause foul odors, discoloration, corrosion and other problems on untreated surfaces.

A-dec waterline tubing
A-dec ICV Waterline Maintenance

Easy vacuum-line cleaning

A-dec’s innovative ICV is a fast, effective vacuum-line cleaning system that integrates right into your dental cabinet**. Just connect the HVE and saliva ejector to the ICV, and in two minutes or less, the vacuum lines are purged with the cleaner of your choice. 

The easy-carry design and secure lid eliminate the risk for chemical spills when moving the tank for fill-ups. ICV makes daily maintenance easy—saving time and effort for your staff, while extending the life of your vacuum system.

**Requires minimum dental cabinet module dimensions of 7" W x 20" D x 21" H (178 mm x 508 mm x 533 mm) for fluid tank storage.

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