A-dec Dental Equipment

A-dec 500 Chair with Continental Delivery System and Dental Instruments

Seamless Integration Made Easy

With A-dec dental delivery systems, you have multiple integration choices today and the ability to effortlessly accommodate technologies as they evolve in the future.

A-dec’s seamless integration keeps your equipment where you and your assistant can quickly and comfortably access it. No more getting up during a procedure, or taking your focus off the oral cavity. Because having everything at your fingertips is a more efficient way to practice.

Easy access and a clutter-free environment

Before integration

Clinical devices stored on countertops or in drawers are not easily accessible and often result in a cluttered dental operatory environment.

A-dec dental operatory with no integration of clinical devices

After integration

With technology integrated into an A-dec dental delivery system, you get a more efficient workspace. And, technology devices that once required separate boxes, additional wiring, or cumbersome tubing are neatly integrated.

As the control center, the A-dec deluxe touchpad offers all-in-one control of dental handpieces, ultrasonic instruments, electric motors, curing light, dental light, and cuspidor, for even greater efficiency.

A-dec dental operatory with clinical devices integrated into the delivery system

Built for emerging technology integration

From the start, A-dec has offered dental equipment that can grow with your practice. Because it’s designed to accommodate future technology, A-dec makes dentistry more efficient, more enjoyable, and better for your bottom line.
A-dec 500 continental delivery system with integrated options


A-dec 500 and A-dec 300 delivery systems accommodate the latest devices including those with LED technology.

The newest cameras, caries detection devices, ultrasonic instruments, and curing lights are easy to integrate. Electric motors with endodontic capability communicate with the A-dec deluxe touchpad, which automatically controls torque and auto-reverse functionality.


As technology continues to evolve, the A-dec delivery system platform will continue to adapt, too. With A-dec, you can be confident of having the ability to change out devices as needed.
A-dec 500 continental dental delivery system with syringe
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